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2017 BE the CAUSE Campaign

Be the Cause Logo Revised

Each year, the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy provides us with an opportunity to strengthen our noble profession through our own charitable contributions. In 2014, the AFP Foundation launched a brand new individual giving program, the BE the CAUSE Campaign (formerly the Every Member Campaign). It’s an exciting new program that connects us to why donors support the Foundation and helps us to understand the real impact of our giving.

Donations for 2017 BE the CAUSE Campaign are accepted throughout the year until December 31, 2017.

Be the Cause Video

BE the CAUSE is about you and the AFP-DC Chapter. It’s about your passionate commitment to a cause that inspires you to be a part of this amazing and challenging profession of fundraising. It’s about how the strategic initiatives of AFP and the AFP Foundation support your work as a fundraising professional at the local and international level. It’s about working together to align our vision of fundraising with the future demands in the nonprofit sector, while continuing to uphold ethical and effective practices that are critical to our professional community.

Together we can make a difference.  Be the CAUSE; make your gift today!

Your gift, no matter the size, will help the AFP-DC Chapter as well the many initiatives supported by the Foundation. So be generous – and help AFP’s efforts around the globe AND around your community.

Make an online pledge here

Download your pledge form here