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Every Member Campaign

EMC Therm 11.4.2013Each year, the international AFP Foundation for Philanthropy raises money from AFP members throughout the world to support enhanced programming for members and other activities that advance the profession and philanthropy. The Foundation funds AFP strategic initiatives like the Essentials of Fundraising classes, as well as research awards, educational opportunities, and scholarships to the AFP International Conference.

 Why It Makes Sense to Give

25% of EMC contributions from AFP DC members returns to the Chapter as a grant.  AFP DC uses this funding to provide first-rate educational opportunities, scholarships, and mentoring opportunities for our members.

The 2012 AFP DC goal was $25,500. Thank you to all of the members that helped us not only meet, but exceed our goal!  Our 2013 goal is $27,000 so donate now to help us meet this year's goal!






or make a pledge! - AFP DC Dual Pledge Form

AFP DC is grateful to the following members for contributing $250 or more to the 2012 Every Member Campaign.



Barbara L. Ciconte, CFRE
Martha H. Schumacher, ACFRE 



Bill Bartolini, ACFRE
Karen J. Gallardo, CFRE
Walter Gillette, ACFRE
Joesph Michael Gilmer, CFRE
Marshall H. Ginn, CFRE
Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE
Jaye Lopez Van Soest, CFRE
Nancy K. Racette, CFRE
Sandra Renner, CFRE
Barbara E. Talisman 
David P. Whitehead 


Grace Hong
Alma Jane Shepard, CFRE





David Coyne, CFRE
Lynn Croneberger, CFRE
Michelle Keegan
Nancy F. McConnell, CFRE
Lisa Maska, CFRE
Craig Rocklin


Marc Breslaw
Pamela Clapp Larmee, CFRE
Donna L. Englander 
Eva Dillon, CFRE
Nadine Gabai-Botero, CFRE
Gregg A. Kelley
Jeffrey Kost 
Dayna Kuhar, CFRE
Gail G. Nordheimer, CFRE
Nicholas B. Simmonds, CFRE
Kevin Sturtevant, CFRE
Steven Titlebaum, CFRE
Nancy Withbroe, CFRE