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Nominate Leaders in Philanthropy

Nonprofit organizations and associations based in the Washington, DC region are invited to nominate individuals and organizations for regional recognition. The deadline for nominations is June 24, 2016. Five distinguished awards will be presented at this year's event, including: Outstanding Philanthropist, Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer, Outstanding Institutional Partner, Outstanding Diversity Leader, and Outstanding Fundraising Professional. 

How to nominate someone:

  • Nominators must choose an award category and submit a narrative of no more than 750 words describing nominee’s qualifications 
  • Note: Awardees must agree to attend the reception to receive their award in person

So, what's the secret?  Here are 4 winning strategies for nominations

1.   Carefully read the criterion for the category you are selecting for your nomination.

Find the best fit or better yet, nominate several in different categories including Legacy, Philanthropist, Philanthropic Group, Founder, Volunteer Fundraiser, Business- 500+ Employees, Business -51—499 Employees, Business-Less than 50 Employees, Youth or Youth Group. Start your list now!

2.   Collaborate with other nonprofits

 Once you've made your list, do some research to see if there are other nonprofits your nominee is involved with where you can co-nominate.

3.   Make the most of your 750 words!

"The Cat in the Hat"  by Dr. Seuss only has 255 words and look at how it has influenced generations! 750 words should be a breeze! (More writing tips coming soon)

4.    Have others read your essay and make comments and suggestions

It should explain who you are, what you do, and paint a story about your nominee.  Your audience is made up of community leaders and philanthropists; this is the time to make an impression. 

Download the nomination form below.


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