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Mentor Program

Jul. 21 -
AFP Staff List and Contact Information
The AFP staff is always ready to help you with your requests. Find the right staff person you need and ask away. Don't know whom to speak with? No problem! We will direct you to the right contact. ... more >

Jul. 20 -
AFP Southern Arizona Chapter Youth in Philanthropy: Seventh Grade Success Story
Two weeks ago, the Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) challenged members and chapters to start YIP activities on the local level. The AFP Southern Arizona Chapter shares its success story here. ... more >

Jul. 5 -
A Roadmap for the Future: The 2016 Emerging Fundraising Academy
New professionals and students interested in fundraising gathered together in Orlando, Fla., in June to create a model for how young people can learn and engage with the fundraising profession and ensure they receive the training and networking they need to remain committed. ... more >

Jul. 5 -
Take the Youth in Philanthropy Challenge: Focus on Youth Programs in Your Chapter!
The Youth in Philanthropy Subcommittee is starting a new campaign to help any member who is interested in promoting and furthering youth issues at the chapter level. ... more >

Jun. 30 -
Omega Circle Donors
Omega Circle Donors ... more >

AFP Membership - An Investment in Yourself

In these challenging times, remember that you and your organization are not at the mercy of the economy. The decisions you make have more influence on your organization’s fundraising success than anything the economy might do. Now, more than ever, you must invest in yourself!