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Since 1960, AFP has inspired global change and supported efforts that generated over $1 trillion. AFP’s nearly 30,000 individual and organizational members raise over $100 billion annually, equivalent to one-third of all charitable giving in North America and millions more around the world.

For over 50 years, AFP has been the standard-bearer for professionalism in fundraising. Learn more about AFP, its activities and people, and how you can be involved.

Jan. 21 -
AFP Board Approves New Format for the Code of Ethical Principles
The AFP Board of Directors has approved a new format, including a graphic makeover, for the association’s Code of Ethical Principles and Standards, which members are required to sign ever year as part of their membership. ... more >

Jan. 19 -
Omega Circle Donors
Omega Circle Donors ... more >

Jan. 13 -
Improve the Form 990: Take the Questionnaire and Help AFP Advise the IRS
You’ve been using the redesigned Form 990 since 2008. Now tell the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) how it can improve the document to make it more effective and easier to use. ... more >

Jan. 1 -
The Digital Advancing Philanthropy is Here!
Read the digital Advancing Philanthropy—whenever you want! You can conveniently access the entire magazine online, scroll through it page by page, as well as bookmark, download and print favorite articles. ... more >

Dec. 8 -
#inclusivegiving at AFP Congress
(Dec. 8, 2014) Three years ago, a last-minute grant application resulted in a ground-breaking learning series, The Inclusive Giving Project. At AFP Congress in Toronto, the "best of the best" of the 12 diversity workshops were revisited in a special "capstone event.” ... more >

AFP Membership - An Investment in Yourself

In these challenging times, remember that you and your organization are not at the mercy of the economy. The decisions you make have more influence on your organization’s fundraising success than anything the economy might do. Now, more than ever, you must invest in yourself!